The scientific journal at the Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH) of Imam Bonjol Padang State Islamic University, was originally called the TABUAH Journal. Issue I was published in January 1996. Focused on studies of Language and Literature (Arabic, Indonesian and Minangkabau) and Islamic History and Culture. Accommodate scientific writings of lecturers from the S1 Arabic Language and Literature Study Program, Islamic History and Culture S1 and Library Science Diploma Program (starting in 1999). Because of the academic enthusiasm and personal enthusiasm of the lecturers in the three Study Programs from time to time increasing, then in 2009, it was agreed to publish the Study Program journal. The Study Program Journal focuses on the core of science of each Study Program under FAH UIN Imam Bonjol Padang. In this historical and normative-academic context, the Khazanah Journal was born.

The choice of the name Khazanah which is used as the name of the Journal of Islamic History and Culture Study Program brings the epistemological nuances of the Study Program. Khazanah is synonymous with time-dimention, documents and culture, three aspects that are characteristic of the epistemology of Islamic History and Culture. In the material context (core-content), the Khazanah Journal focuses on studies of Islamic History and Culture (History of Islamic Civilization) with five thematic spectrums, namely SKI in the Middle East, SKI in Southeast Asia, SKI in Indonesia, SKI in Minangkabau, and SKI in Muslim Minority. The spectrum of this study is the theme / focus of the study of each edition / issue number in turn.

Khazanah Journal, first published in 2010 for Issue I Number 1, January - June 2010. The theme raised in this first issue is related to SKI in Indonesia. To "expand" the publication area and improve the quality of publications and reputation of the Khazanah journal, since 2018, the Khazanah Journal has carried out publications in the form of digital journals (e-journals) through the Open Journal System (OJS). OJS is a necessity because the writings published by the Khazanah journal will be indexed (at least in Google Scholar). Indexed and quality publications will be able to influence the visibility and reputation of the SPI Study Program, the Faculty of Adab and the Humanities of Imam Bonjol Padang in the future.