About the Journal

Journal of Shaut al-Maktabah Faculty of Adab and Humanities UIN Imam Bonjol Padang invites you to publish your writings in the Journal of Shaut al-Maktabah.

Focus and Scope:

1. Libraries, Documentation and Information
2. Knowledge Management
3. Library Management
4. Information Organizational Culture
5. Library Information Technology
6. Information Literacy
7. Information Society

Currently, the Shaut al-Maktabah Journal already has a printed and electronic ISSN.
Management process using Full OJS and Sinta 5 accredited journal.

Please submit your writing via submit online by first registering to https://www.rjfahuinib.org/index.php/shaut/user/register

For inquiries and information, please contact cp:
WA: 082160078913 (Leila Karunia)
Email: journalsautalmaktabah@uinib.ac.id

Thank you.